Daniel Shuey

Multimedia and Web Application Developer


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I have learned all kinds of languages and paradigms. However these are the ones I prefer to work in.




About me

I am deeply involved in many activities, involving visual art, music, sport, and software. I am very competitive and excel in situations where I have room to be creative and take a lead role. Lately I have been using my skills as a software engineer and artist to develop multimedia.


Since the age of 9, programming has always been my passion. By the time I was 13 I was writing 2d engines and netcode for hobby gaming enthusiasts and I knew from that moment, that this was the career I would take.

Visual Arts

I have a passion in visual art, and although doing so is not my primary career path, it's something that I've actively used at work and on my own projects. Most of all it is an invaluable skill for communicating with designers and artists for work.


I am currently not looking for work, however feel free to follow me on the links below.